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Pen and paper - How to improve creative writing6 tips on how to improve creative writing 

I create one sentence and then struggle to write down the next one. However, the paper stays hopelessly empty. There are no ideas popping up. After a while I start to fill the paper in a different way. I am so tired that my only sentence starts to float all over the paper. Then the individual letters start to wander of from the sentence, to do their own dance on the paper.

I slap my face and try to focus. But the tank is empty due to a lack of sleep. The hot temperature in the room makes it even worse. A drop of sweat from my forehead suddenly enters the dance on the paper. I slap myself again but I am to far gone. My creativity can not be shaken awake anymore. If only I had followed my creative six step diet..

1. Have enough sleep

Of course you know but I will say it again. Make sure you sleep at least seven hours per night. Lack of sleep will kill your motivation, productivity and creativity. Do not sleep less but also avoid sleeping to long. Both of those habits can make you lazy or tired.

2. Consume a proper diet

Another point I probably do not need to tell you. But actually doing it is not always easy. Do you live from your creativity? Then you need to take extra efforts to eat healthy and drink enough water. Healthy food and water are your thinking fuel. A healthy brain means less struggles on the paper, because you will be rewarded with more creativity. Think about that.

3. Work in a cool environment

At the moment I live in a hot environment and I have been struggling with my creativity and productivity ever since. The brain functions less when exposed to hot temperatures. As a result you will become more lazy and thus less productive. It is best that you work in a cool room, if you want to have the energy and creativity to finish a story.

4. Avoid distractions

Make sure you do not get distracted during the writing process. Once your imagination runs wild you do not want to return to the real world. Find a quiet writing space. Writing in the early morning or late in the evening can also help. At those moments you will less likely be distracted.

5. Take walks and power naps

Do you often feel dull and sleepy during your writing sessions? Are you suffering from a lack of creativity? Try to refresh your brain with a walk or a power nap. Some fresh air and a short sleep can give you new energy and inspiration. Recharge when you feel unproductive.

6. Avoid stressful thoughts 

Stressful thoughts will cause a distraction during the writing process. Empty your brain before you start writing. Then you will have the space to fill your mind with creative thoughts for your story. One way to make your brain empty is by doing a short mediation session before you start writing. Physical exercise such as cycling or walking can also help to empty your head.
Do you have any other tips on how to improve creative writing?
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