Hipmunk City Love: How to Enjoy Milan Like a Local



Milan is a city that fulfills many travel wishes. It is a hotspot for fashion lovers and history fanatics. And traditional Milanese food is probably the cherry on the pie after a long day of sightseeing and shopping. The city houses a large variety of famous, must see tourists spots. However, when it comes to Milan’s hidden sightseeing treasures, there is no better guide then a Milanese local. They can give you a lot of inside information about restaurants, shops, and undiscovered sighsteeing spots.

Restaurants in Milan

Italy is a true gem when it comes to culinary delights. Order traditional, high quality Milanese food and a cocktail at Taglio or taste the finest Italian street food at Mangiardi di Strada. Do you prefer to travel around while eating? Then you should definitely try the special ATMosfera restaurant tram. This traditional tram will drive you around the city while you are enjoying a delicious Italian meal.

Relaxing and Connecting with Locals

Milan is famous for its fashion and its designers. In the eyes of many Milanese, a fashionable outfit should always be combined with an impeccable look. A beautiful hair style is just one of those things that makes you stand out from the crowd. Head over to Les Garçons de la rue for an affordable but stylish Italian hairstyle makeover. The friendly hairdressers will make you feel at home and they can tell a lot about their beloved city.

Milan’s Hidden Galleries and Workshops

A lot of Milanese fashion galleries gained much fame, but the city also houses various smaller galleries who might be just as interesting to discover. Travelers interested in small atelier’s, should pay a visit to Isola. This residential neighborhood is a good place to look for Milan hotels when you are a creative traveler. It is an undiscovered artist stronghold full of small artistic laboratories. When visiting Isola, make sure to look around carefully because the most beautiful and interesting gems are carefully tucked away.

A Rewarding Shopping Experience

Bring some extra bags if you plan a visit to Milan. Vacationers who love to shop, will have wonderful experience in Milan. Creative travelers like to visit the Libreria del mondo offeso. This is an artistic place where travelers can buy and read books, listen to jazz and drink coffee. Are you hungry after a few hours of shopping? Visit the Corso Buenos Aires Shopping strip and buy some salami, cheese and wine in a traditional delicatessen shop. The Giardini Publici park, within walking distance of the strip, is a perfect destination to end your Milan shopping experience with a nice picnic.

Learn to Love Milan Like a Local 

Learn what the locals in Milan like to do in their free time and enhance your travel experience. Follow them during a guided shopping tour, eat with them in one of Milan’s local restaurants or learn to know the city during a friendly conversation with your Italian hairdresser.
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