Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable


Me and tiger.Why you should step outside of you comfort zone

We have been touring around Antalya for hours. The atmosphere in the bus is dull. People look bored and act grumpy. Then we reach this large dining place. Our last stop for today. During the next two hours we eat and, more importantly, we drink Turkish Raki. During the dinner we are entertained by dancers and singers, and the last act of the evening is a Turkish belly dancer.

She comes to the stage and lets her belly move. At a certain point during the act she asks if someone likes to join her. However, that will most likely not going to happen. I have been touring with these people, and I know for certain there is no one going to do that. Shyness and embarrassment vibrate in the room.

It trills me though. I know I can make a difference, if I have the courage to raise my hand. I know it will be hard to overcome my own shyness, but I also know that getting up that stage can change this dull tour and my vacation. This is my chance. I raise my hand, and then push my friend to do the same. Luckily he also shows courage by joining me

The belly dancer takes us to the stage and pulls of our shirts. There I am with my skinny white belly. I block my thoughts and go for it. The three of us manage to pull of a hilarious act. Our once so grumpy tour group, filled with alcohol and sudden excitement, cheers and claps. A day of markets, historic buildings and a Turkish sauna can not provide as much fun as we are giving.

The bus ride back to the hotel shows a big contrast with the previous rides. Everybody is cheering, singing and talking. Various people show us the pictures they took of our spontaneous act. I laugh inside, our white belly’s are probably going to be the highlight of so many vacation pictures.

Get uncomfortable and change your live

Because of stepping out of my comfort zone I created an unforgettable memory during a somewhat dull vacation. By getting up on that stage we changed the night for all those people in the tour group. It was a great feeling and I often think back about that night. Now I push myself to live outside of my comfort zone as much as possible. By doing this I create lasting memories and an exciting live.

You can’t afford to stay in your comfort zone if you want an exiting live. I encourage you to get up on that stage and live your live to the fullest. Realize that by constantly stepping out of your comfort zone you will get more confident, have more courage and change more and more uncomfortable situations into comfortable ones.

Do you often step out of your comfort zone? What kind of memorable moments did you create by taking those steps?

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