Fashion Japanese Clothes

Cute and eclectic styles on the streets of Japan.

Japanese fashion is wonderfully eclectic. When it comes to fashion Japanese clothes are the perfect blend of innovation and tradition. It is drawing its influences from many different cultures across the globe as well as from a number of different periods of history. It also retains strong roots in tradition. Japanese women wearing the popular ‘Gothic Lolita’ style (a type of Victoriana given a contemporary, Japanese twist) will rub shoulder with women in traditional silk printed kimonos.

Fashion Japanese clothes

Japanese fashion has a number of recognisable subcultures, each with their own distinctive trends. For instance, the ‘Dolly Kei’ style emphasises a sweet, somewhat Western-inspired feminine look. It includes lots of floaty skirts, soft, fringed hairdos and knitted cardigans. The ‘Decora’ style focuses on pink hues at the clothing, and these clothes are then layered with as many accessories as possible to create a cute, quirky look. The influence of punk and goth culture and more unlikely sources of fashion are also very prominent  in Japanese fashion.

The ‘Lolita’ style

The Lolita’ style is a unique Japanese look. There are a number of trends in Japanese clothing fashion that come under the rubric of ‘Lolita’ styles. The ‘Gothic Lolita’ look, for instance, mixes elements of Victoriana such as lace gloves and ruffled shirts with elements of Gothic influence. Skirts are shortened and worn with knee-high platform boots. Military style coats are buttoned tight to the neck and skull shaped jewellery abound with this look. By contrast, the ‘Sweet Lolita’ fashion creates a childlike appearance because of its pastel colours, cute accessories, and doll-like make-up. Accessories like teddy bears and other soft toys are often used to complete the outfit. There are Lolita styles for everyone in Japan, from mature businesspeople to punks and goths!

What about you?

What is your favourite Japanese fashion style and on which occasions do you whear your outfits? Leave all your interesting responses in the comment section below.


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