Cheap hotels in Tokyo

red dotIf you are under a tight budget while in Tokyo, accommodation can be a real hustle. However, there are many cheap hotels where you can stay and still have a wonderful time touring the area. These hotels offer the best rates in Tokyo and range from the traditional Japanese ryokans to establishments in the business hub of Shinjuku.

Description of cheap hotels in Tokyo

The Khaosan Tokyo Guest House Ninja is by far one of the least expensive hotels to stay in the city. This hotel is normally the hot spot for adventurous backpackers. Some of the features that make the place a great option to stay include; free Wi-Fi and a huge TV which features cable. The rooms are designed in a dormitory style and accommodate both long term and short term guests. All the features mentioned are shared in a communal manner. Once in a while the hotel owners organise parties for the guests.

Ryokan Sansuiso

The rooms offered in this establishment are at a low price and they have a fairly simple style. Located in the slightly unpleasant Gotanda district, the ryokan Sansuiso is preferred by many because of its close proximity to other places such as Shibuya and Roppongi. The rooms have futon beds and there is a communal bath. All the guests have a midnight curfew so this place might not be the best option for people who stay out late. Rooms can accommodate one to three people and each one comes with wireless internet and TV.

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