Single-mindedness Is The Key To A Better Life

By Jesse Logister

Since I started learning about the principles of minimalism, I noticed the effectiveness of focusing on one single task or goal at a time. Multitasking and multifocusing can often leave you confused and overwhelmed. Those are problems that you should avoid, especially when you tackle difficult habitual changes like becoming an ex-smoker. Single-mindedness is the key that opens the door to a better life.

Multitasking divides your attention, your energy and your motivation. You need all three of them 100 per cent fueled, and they need to be targeted on one task, especially when it is a difficult one.

I often failed when I was trying to change my lifestyle (trying to quit smoking is just one example). I wanted to implement too many adjustments at the same time.

Focus On One Goal at a Time

Whenever I quit smoking, I always notice an increase in my energy level. As a result, I become more motivated to improve my life. Suddenly, I do not only want to work on tackling my nicotine addiction, but I want to combine it with goals like waking up early, having a jogging session in the morning or stop eating sugar.

However, so many big lifestyle changes are a bit too much to tackle all at once. Changing one habit can be mentally exhausting and even depressing for a while. This is especially the case with the break-up process from tobacco. You give up something that you liked (or thought you liked), and that can be a depressing feeling.

At such a moment, it certainly does not help if you have to lay off the sweets as well, while at the same time forcing yourself to wake up at 4:00 a clock in the morning to start a jogging session.

Some additional changes occur naturally and effortlessly while you work on modifying your lifestyle. They are nice bonuses, but see them as bonuses and don’t let them distract you from focusing on your main goal.

Find Your Ideal Transition Period

How long do you need to focus on one habit before you can move on to the next one?

Opinions and studies differ on that answer, and every person and habit is unique so you need to find out what works the best for you.

Personally, I like the idea of a 30 day single-mindedness period of change. Changing one big habit per month is a goal I want to focus on.

Experiment with transition time periods, but give change a royal amount of time so that you can be sure that there is a strong foundation before you move on to the next life changing habit that needs to be tackled.

Avoid Becoming Overwhelmed By Your Goals

Avoid making things to complicated and becoming overwhelmed. It can lead to failure and you might end up embracing a bad habit again.

Slow down and focus on one positive change at a time. I use this single-mindedness tactic during my quit smoking process and I notice that it makes it easier to fulfill my goal.

Give yourself all the time that you need. It is alright to do a little bit less in order to fuel up on energy and mental power. The time will come when you can start another positive change. Eventually, all those changes pile up on each other. They not only make you stronger, happier and healthier every day, but they also help you to tackle the next lifestyle adjustments.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the goal that you want to achieve? Slow down and take a deep breath. Change will come, but let it come gradually. Don’t try to race to the finish line like the hare.

Keep Your Burning Desire Smoldering

By Jesse Logister

A cigarette should not broil, but your burning desire to live a tobacco-free life should smolder all the time.

Once you make it through the first few days and weeks, the treacherous tobacco thoughts might hide themselves for a while. But these thoughts crawl out of their dark holes from time to time, and they will do their best to trigger you in lighting one up.

You have to be wary about these triggers, because they can destroy your hard work in an instant.

Once you quit for a while, you might start to focus on other important goals. Time passes and your mind is slowly extinguishing that burning desire to enjoy a tobacco-free life.

However, it is important that you keep this fire smoldering all the time.

The Habit of Smoking Is a Chronic Disease

Many people will warn you about how sick you can become from smoking. But smoking by itself is already a huge and serious chronic disease.

You might stop for a long period, but the trigger to light one up can appear at any time. This can even happen after many years.

Before you know it, you are smoking again. It happened to me after I did not touch a cigarette for two years.

For me, that is the real disease that is connected to the awful habit of smoking. You tend to forget about your struggles with cigarettes, but that little bit of leftover addiction tells you that it is okay for once. After all, you did not smoke for years and you are in control of it now. Just one cigarette should be fine. But of course it is not!

Keep Reminding Yourself Why You Stopped Smoking

You need to constantly remind yourself that smoking is bad, and that it has brought you all kinds of bad feelings and physical problems.

At this moment, I am at day 8 of not smoking. I past the first week, but I am certainly not out of the danger zone. In fact, I think I never will. I always have to keep reminding myself of why I wanted to quit smoking.

Therefore, I decided to become a very educated ex-smoker.

Change Negative Habits into Positive Ones

Instead of lighting one up when I step out of bed or before I am ready to sleep, I now read a smoking related article every morning and every evening. I changed a negative habit into a positive one so that I am constantly reminded about the dangers and negative aspects of smoking.

I recommend that you read an article about smoking everyday so that you constantly fuel your burning desire to live a tobacco-free life.

It makes you stronger at moments that triggers arise. For example, at occasions when you meet up with friends to have a drink, or when you are surrounded by many smokers.

Take a Deep Breath and Let the Moment Pass

When you feel the urge to smoke at such occasions, just take a deep breath and know that it will pass.

I had my first trigger moment yesterday, after a lavish dinner with my girlfriend. I felt a desire to smoke for a few minutes, but it quickly passed and I forget all about it five minutes later.

Later that evening, I even felt stronger, because I did not fall into the trap. Such positive feelings pile up and they are the foundation for your tobacco free mindset.

Don’t dwell in your loss as it is a necessary break up. There is hope, and you have within you the power to change and become stronger.

Living A Tobacco-Free Life – Day 7

By Jesse Logister

Last week, I made another attempt to start a tobacco-free life. Right now, I am at day seven of not touching a cigarette, and these are my thoughts on the process that I went through so far.

It Gets Easier

The first day was definitely tough. It came with many cravings that I had to suppress. However, once I got over the big bump, it all became a lot easier.

I noticed that before on my other attempts to quit smoking. A lot of people have a hellish first week or even a month. They are tortured by physical withdrawal symptoms and mental cravings. For me, the symptoms and cravings have been very little after the first day.

Maybe I tuned into the right mindset, or I am just one of those lucky persons that does not experience strong withdrawal symptoms. I don’t really know the answer, but people have different bodies after all.

It Is the Long Run That Counts

The first few days actually do not matter so much. It is the long run that really challenges the ex-smoker, and that is where it often goes wrong. My attempts often failed, because of the dangers that lurked around corners much further down the road.

In the next couple of weeks, I will document my tobacco-free living process. During that process, I will address some of these lurking dangers so that you can recognize and avoid them if you are on the same path as me.

Together with tips and resources, I can hopefully turn you into a happier and stronger person that successfully makes one of the best and most important decisions in life. It is the decision of living a tobacco-free life, and you need to embrace it with all your energy and willpower.

Do Not Stop until You Reach Your Destination

Whatever it is you do in life, whether it is giving up tobacco, building a business or writing an article, you need to give it your full attention and you need to fully commit to it. It is not enough to say that you will try or that you will see how it goes. You need to make it a priority project and you need to put your heart and soul into it.

Going half the way leads you nowhere. It puts you in a place where you might be able to see the end destination, but the comfortable spot, your old habit, is just as far away. That spot is familiar. You know the road you already walked on so it is easier to go back, instead of taking that unknown path to a destination that first feels scary, but that can positively change you on the long run.

Learn How to Ditch That Evil Monkey on Your Back

That’s it for today. Tomorrow, I will move from day seven to eight of a tobacco-free life. In my next post, I will focus on dangerous triggers that can lead you back to tobacco.

Are you at the same path and journey in your life right now? Remember that you are not the only one that is going through this tough transition period.

A lot of people wake up with the same goals of becoming a healthier and stronger person. You can find them on this forum.

Connect with these people and read about their experiences. Trust me, it helps.

You become successful if you put your heart and soul into it. Loose the evil monkey on your back and feel lighter again.


Where to Hike During a Breckenridge Outdoor Vacation

Scenic landscapes during a Breckenridge outdoor vacation

Breckenridge is a historic town in Colorado, United States. It is a beautiful destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. You can visit this place to undertake a variety of outdoor activities. Depending on the season, you will have the opportunities to go fly fishing, mountain biking, skiing, and hiking. A hike is a perfect way of experiencing the beautiful nature of Breckenridge. You will see exquisite wildflowers, alpine lakes, Aspen groves, and various magnificent views during your Breckenridge outdoor vacation.

Preparing for a Breckenridge Hike

Plan to start your hike early and make good use of the daylight. You will marvel at the stunning environment that Breckenridge has to show you. However, keep in mind that mountainous environments are also very unpredictable. By starting early, you also avoid the thunderstorms that often plague the area during midday.

It is very important that you stay hydrated during your hike. Therefore, it is strongly advised to bring a lot of water. Make sure that you also bring some food to recharge your energy levels. It is also really important that you wear layers of clothes due to the unpredictable changes in the weather. In just a few minutes, the temperature can drop severely. Put some gloves and a hat in your backpack before the hike.

Available Breckenridge Hikes

There are various scenic hikes that you can choose during your Breckenridge outdoor vacation. They vary in length and in difficulty, but all of them offer a unique outdoor experience.


If you are looking for an easy hike, then Spruce Creek Loop is a good option. During this 4-mile trail, you walk through a beautiful forest, and you enjoy a scenic view of the mountains in the area. The Spruce Creek Loop trail is also popular among cross-country skiers during the winter. This trail starts on Spruce Creek Road.


The Blue Lakes-Monte Cristo Gulch trail is a good example of a moderate hike. You will be pleasantly surprised by the view if you reach the old mining spot after 2.5 miles. This site also gives you a beautiful view on the surrounding alpine lakes. The scenic Blue Lakes-Monte Cristo Gulch trail starts at Blue Lakes Road.


The Quandary Peak trail is more challenging because it takes you up to 3,305 feet on Quandary peak. This is one of the higher mountains in Colorado (14.000+ feet). The trail is roughly 6 miles long and starts on Country Road 851. Expect to hike for about 4 to 10 hours if you take this route. Many hikers especially enjoy the challenging winter hike to Quandary Peak.

Where to Stay During a Breckenridge Outdoor Vacation

If you want to enjoy an adventurous hiking vacation in scenic Colorado, than you can choose from a range of luxurious or cheap hotels in Breckenridge. They offer you a chance to relax and prepare for your next day of hiking. One very cozy accommodation option is the Hyatt Main Street Station by Wyndham Vacation Rentals.

If mountains and hiking are your thing, than you will definitely have a wonderful time during a Breckenridge outdoor vacation.


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Thailand Motorcycle – Tears In The Land Of Smiles

Thailand Motorcycle Misery in the jungleThailand motorcycle – Drama in paradise

I was breathing sand and sweating salt while squeezing the brakes as strong as I could. If I would loose my grip for the smallest of seconds I would most likely slide into the cliff and disappear for ever. Swallowed by large green leaves and digested by the dark moist soil.

Stranded in the jungle

My first solo journey into the wild was an adventures mix of great experiences and miserable moments. There were plenty of moments when I relaxed and plenty of moments when I got in trouble. In this article I will tell you about a particular bad situation, which made me cry for my mommy in the land of smiles. It all happened when I got stranded with my motorcycle in the “jungle” of Ko Tao, Thailand.

Making a wrong choice

I had rented a motorcycle in town and then I wanted to drive back to my bungalow before sunset. However, to get there I had to drive trough a rough, sandy road full of huge stones, sticks and coconuts. Steep cliffs on both sides of the road and the pending darkness of the evening made it even more of a challenge. But of course I made the decision to go anyway.

The beginning of the end

Somehow, somewhere I made a wrong turn, and that was the start of a miserable night. It got dark and the road became a real challenge. On top of that my motorcycle started to break down. Sprocket and chain decided to separate while I was struggling on a steep and sandy hill. I dropped to the ground and it cost me all my strength to keep the motorbike from sliding down into the cliffs.

However, I managed to get the chain back on the gear. Only to experience the same situation after a few more meters, the chain snapped lose again. I had to drop myself on the heavy bike and squeeze it to the ground otherwise me and my motorized friend would disappear in the jungle forever.

Pure Thailand motorcycle misery

I managed to drag the motorbike uphill and there I sat down to weep while drowning in my own sweat. I had no idea where I was, where I should go and how I should go somewhere anyway. I cried out of misery and I swore to myself that this would never happen to me again.

The rescue mission

Somehow, I managed to drag my motorcycle to a house in the jungle. The Thai residents in that house stared very confused at the white boy who was weeping at their doorstep. I put up my saddest puppy face and eventually managed to explain that they needed to call my resort.

After a while some people from the resort arrived with a pickup truck. The brought me and my bike back to the resort. I was relieved as I had overcome my  stupid mistake. A mistake that taught me some valuable lessons about myself and about renting motorized vehicles in Thailand.

Some Tips

  • Before renting, always check your motorcycle for existing damage
  • Do not underestimate situations. Especially in an unfamiliar place
  • Rent an automatic scooter if you are not used to shifting gears

Useful links

  • Renting scooters in Thailand: Do you want to rent a motorcycle / scooter in Thailand? Avoid making the same mistakes that I made. Do yourself a favor and check out this Youtube video from Darren Brinkworth. In the video he talks about how you can avoid scams and how you can drive safely. He also gives advice about legal matters when it comes to renting a bike in Thailand.
  • Renting a motorcycle in Southeast Asia: For the readers. This is written down advice about renting motorbikes in Asia. The writer from the artice, Greg Rodgers, describes into detail what you need to be aware of when renting a bike in Southeast Asia.
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