Hipmunk City Love: Where to Go for Houston Vegan Restaurants

In search for Houston Vegan Restaurants

Finding good vegan restaurants in a big city often requires some research. To avoid wasting valuable Houston touring time, it is a good idea to create a Houston vegan restaurants list when planning a city trip. Vegan enthusiasts who travel to the delightful city of Houston might like to put the following four vegetarian and vegan restaurants on their “to visit” lists.

San San Tofu

San San Tofu on Wilcrest Drive qualifies itself as a vegetarian restaurant, but it also serves delicious vegan meals. Ask the restaurant staff about the ingredients of the available food to avoid eating products that consist of dairy or eggs. The cooks from San San Tofu know how to serve travelers a proper vegan meal because they took lessons from a Buddhist monk. Some of their dishes, snacks, and drinks include lemon grass tofu, vegan mock meats, jack fruit chips, and soy milk.

Quan Yin

The Vietnamese meals of Quan Yin on Bellaire Boulevard are suitable for vegetarians or vegans. However, they may satisfy meat lovers, as well. This restaurant serves a variety of delicious mock meat dishes like vegan shredded pork balls (appetizer) and vegan green pepper steak (main dish). Refreshing coconut drinks and tasty soy milk are some of the healthy beverages on the menu. Travelers might want to search for Houston hotels near Quan Yin, as it is one of those Houston vegan restaurants that makes them want to return regularly.

Pepper Tree

Pepper Tree on Richmond Avenue serves 100 percent Chinese vegan food. As with restaurant Quan Yin, Pepper Tree also focuses strongly on mock meat dishes. Restaurant guests can start with appetizers like crispy vegan chicken, tofu fries, and steamed dumplings. Some of the main dishes are sweet and sour vegan fish sticks and smoked vegan duck fillet. Possible desserts and beverages include vegan coconut cake, sesame balls, and blueberry smoothies. Pepper Tree offers a broad weekday buffet for an affordable price, too. It is nice to know this restaurants also cleans, cooks, and serves food with triple-filtered water.

Loving Hut

The Loving Hut vegan restaurant chain on S. Kirkwood Road offers a broad mix of Asian and Western orientated dishes. Some of the best appetizers in this restaurant are the vegetable filled golden rolls or the golden nuggets from soy protein. Recommended main dishes include the Loving Hut burger with a vegan patty and teriyaki sauce or the Chow Mein wheat noodle dish with vegetables. Loving Hut also serves various tasteful vegan desserts and beverages.

Create Your Top Houston Vegan Restaurants List

With such a large amount of Houston restaurants and menus, it can be hard to find a trustworthy, quality vegetarian or vegan restaurant in Houston. Visit these eateries to get surprised by the amazing food instead of the lack of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Have a look at this vegan and vegetarian restaurant resource link for more vegan friendly eating and drinking establishments.
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Madrid Art Museums Guide

Madrid Art Museums

Madrid is a top destination for art lovers. From the contemporary art collections at the Reina Sofia to Prado’s aesthetic paintings, there is literally no limit to how deep you can dive into the art scene of this graceful Spanish city. It is impossible to see everything during a Madrid museum tour, but some must-see art attractions should have a prominent spot on your tour list. Here are five of the best Madrid art museums.

1. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

With a collection that is so significant to the art world, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum on Paseo del Prado can simply not be ignored during a visit to Madrid. When visiting this museum, you will marvel at Baron Hans-Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza’s private collection of more than 750 paintings. The 19th century museum building is an art piece in itself. It adds a refined touch to the stunning and incredibly broad collection of top-notch paintings that it houses. From 13th century Italian Masterpieces, to beautiful examples of French Impressionism, this incredible art museum has it all – and it is an absolute must-see attraction.

2. Museum of Romanticism

The Museum of Romanticism on Calle San Mateo has more than 1,600 craft works. Various paintings, pianos and furniture pieces represent the 19th century romantic period in Spain. Be sure to research nearby Madrid hotels like for example Husa Princesa, because you will want to come back to see the extensive craft collections at this lovely museum.

3. Museum of Lázaro Galdiano

The Museum of Lázaro Galdiano on Calle de Serrano is another charming art house with an immense collection of paintings. 15,000 paintings here show scenes and creations from various centuries. Some of the artists who earned their spot in this museum are the Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch and the Spanish painter Francisco Goya. Beautiful art should always be displayed in an equally beautiful building. The charming Museum of Lázaro Galdiano mansion and its surrounding gardens will not let you down.

4. Museum Cerralbo

Museum Cerralbo on Calle de Ventura Rodríguez houses the extraordinary artwork collection of the late Marques, collector, and traveler Enrique de Aguilera y Gamboa. The painting entitled The Ecstasy of St. Francis of Assisi from El Greco is one of the highlights of his collection. Besides paintings, this jam-packed museum also displays countless curiosities and craft works like clocks, Japanese armor pieces, and pipes. The historic mansion, in which these artworks and curiosities are on display, is a beautiful and detailed representation of an aristocratic house. During the year, this Madrid art museum organizes various concerts and special exhibitions.

Madrid Art Museums House Some of the Worlds Most Extraordinary Collections

Madrid is a city that cannot be ignored by art enthusiasts. Its museums and galleries are of so much importance that you most likely find you way back to this city on regular occasions. Displayed collections cover time periods of more than 700 years. They are beautiful, graceful and full of historic relevance. Don’t know where to start? Visit the described attractions and you will easily find a century, art movement, or artist of your liking.

Hipmunk City Love: Best Of New Orleans Bed and Breakfasts

New Orleans bed and breakfast

Intimate and cozy atmospheres, detailed room designs, beautiful buildings, and an overall personal touch are some of the characteristics of a New Orleans bed and breakfast. Therefore, they are ideal accommodations for a city trip. Here are six enjoyable bed and breakfast choices in the alluring city of New Orleans.

1. La Belle Esplanade

La Belle Esplanade occupies a spot on the historic Esplanade Avenue. Travelers can visit the nearby New Orleans Museum of African-American History to learn about the historic confluence of African and American cultures in New Orleans. Relax in the garden at La Belle Esplanade. A free breakfast is available every morning. Guests can also relax on furnished patios or balconies.

2. Fleur De Lis Mansion

Fleur De Lis Mansion has a spot in the city’s Garden District near Annunciation Square. New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park and the French Market are some of the nearby sights. Fleur De Lis Mansion offers a free breakfast and laundry facilities. Rooms have cozy fireplaces and cable television.

3. Lafitte Guest House and Gallery

Lafitte Guest House and Gallery in the French Quarter is conveniently surrounded with vibrant cultural elements. Guests can visit the spooky New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum, shop at the French Market, or watch a sports game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The guest house offers a free breakfast and they serve drinks at the lounge. The in-room fireplaces create a cozy atmosphere. Vacationers who are looking for a classic French Quarter accommodation experience can decide to stay in the elegant Prince Conti Hotel.

4. Maison Perrier

The Maison Perrier building in the Garden District stands out because of its Victorian architecture. This 123-year-old building is a highlight in the surrounding historic area. Other nearby historic highlights are the antique boutiques, the French Quarter, or the former plantations. The guest house has a serene courtyard with plants and flowers. It serves daily Southern breakfasts. Cheese and wine are available on the weekends. The luxuriously designed rooms have bathtubs and cable televisions.

5. Balcony Guest House

The traditionally designed Balcony Guest House in Faubourg Marigny is another beautiful display of architectural and cultural history. Vacationers will enjoy nearby attractions like Jackson Square and the New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park. On-site guest house amenities are laundry facilities, a convenient store, and a restaurant. A complimentary breakfast is also available. In-room facilities are flat screen televisions, hair dryers, and free Wi-Fi.

6. New Orleans Guest House

The New Orleans Guest House is another accommodation option in the historic French Quarter. Some nearby cultural and historic attractions are Jackson Square and the Backstreet Cultural Museum. The guest house staff helps travelers with ticket purchases for touristic attractions. Free Wi-Fi and a complimentary breakfast are also provided. New Orleans Guest House rooms have ceiling fans, televisions and hair dryers.

A Cozy stay in a New Orleans Bed and Breakfast

Fireplaces, historical buildings, serene gardens, and complimentary breakfasts are some of the reasons why travelers like to stay in New Orleans bed and breakfast establishments. These exclusive lodgings enhance the travel experience by adding a personal touch to a travelers stay. And they often occupy spots in historic neighborhoods full of intriguing sights and attractions.
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Top 5 Chicago Boutique Hotels

Stay in a Chicago Boutique hotel

Chicago offers anything that vacationers wish for during a remarkable city trip. From mouth-watering dining possibilities, to ear suiting music performances, and from artistically decorated public parks to quirky museums. To experience these attractions and sights, travelers can conveniently book a hotel in their desired neighborhood. Here are five of the best Chicago boutique hotels for travelers who like to stay in small and independent hotels.

1. The Talbott Hotel Chicago

The Talbott Hotel Chicago occupies a spot on the Gold Coast. Rooms in this graceful four star boutique hotel are conveniently equipped with air conditioning, free WiFi and a mini bar. Guests will also be within walking distance of the Museum of Contemporary Art and the popular Magnificent Mile.

2. Hotel Burnham, a Kimpton Hotel

Hotel Burnham, a Kimpton Hotel makes a strong effort to pamper guests during their trip. Spa treatments, a pillow library and wine receptions are available. A stay at the Hotel Burnham, a Kimpton Hotel can also be enjoyed by accompanying pets. Toys, food dishes, snacks, and even special beds are available for their pleasure. Guests can also book the dog-walking service, and let their dog explore Chicago with the hotel staff, while they relax with a drink in the lounge. Guests who want to walk around themselves, find pleasure at the nearby Millennium Park or the Picasso Statue.

3. ACME Hotel Company Chicago

Sleeping comfort is an important service at the ACME Hotel Company Chicago. Egyptian-cotton sheets, Serta mattresses and premium bedding are some of the offered luxuries in rooms. The Wrigley Building and Millennium Park are some of nearby sightseeing options. Guests can end a sightseeing trip with a fusion cocktail at the hotel bar.

4. Ivy Hotel

The Ivy Hotel in Magnificent Mile offers luxurious amenities like Egyptian-cotton sheets, in-room massages, and valet parking. The rooftop terrace provides an impressive view over the Chicago skyline. Nearby attractions and sights include Tribune Tower, Hancock Tower and the Arts Club of Chicago.

5. Dana Hotel And Spa

The Dana Hotel And Spa in the River North Area occupies a spot near the Magnificent Mile shopping area. This boutique hotel is a delight for healthy travelers. On-site amenities include a 24-hour fitness center and an extensive spa facility. Services in this five-room spa facility include Swedish massages, Ayurveda treatment, deep-tissue massages, and body wraps. Vacationers who love to pamper themselves with help amenities during a hotel stay, can also choose for a health orientated hotel on Grand Avenue.

A Different Experience in a Chicago Boutique Hotel

Staying at a boutique hotel can enhance the travel experience. These hotels often have a more independent identity and a cozy atmosphere. Many of these boutique hotels also offer special amenities and services. Pet lovers spend their vacation in a pet-friendly accommodation. Art lovers choose a hotel with an artistic and creative design. Health enthusiasts choose to pamper themselves in a health orientated boutique and spa hotel. There are countless boutique lodging possibilities that offer personalized design details.