Air Travel to Japan

Air travel to Japan is offered by most international airlines. The country’s two major airlines: Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways offer flights to and from a variety of international destinations. Japan’s most utilised international airports are Narita Airport and Osaka’s Kansai Airport. Haneda Airport in Tokyo and Nagoya’s Central Japan Airport are also important for international and domestic travel. Once in Japan, Fukuoka Airport links Tokyo with many other destinations in Asia and many of the smaller airports offer flights to Korea and China.

Major Airlines Offering Air Travel to Japan

Several major international airlines offer flights to Japan. These include:

  • Emirates
  • KLM
  • South African Airways
  • Northwest Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines

However, not all these airlines offer direct flights to Japan. Some airlines require connecting flights, as is the case with South African Airways. For this reason, it is a good idea to plan your trip carefully. Pay attention to contingency plans during stopovers or unexpected delays. Always have a plan in place should weather disrupt your connecting flight and ensure that you are able to contact your destination hotel to revise accommodation. Ensure that your friends or family are aware of your connecting flight so that if weather or other delays occur they are informed.

How to Save Money on Flights to Japan

When flying to Japan, travellers should consider tour packages. They usually offer discounted rates on flights and hotel accommodation. Tour packages offer an organised travel itinerary, which means you have less independent touring, though some tours leave a day open for this sort of exploring. Taking advantage of deals negotiated by your travel agent means you’ll pay less for your flight. Travellers should fly outside of peak season. Peak holiday flights are expensive and busy. Plan flights to Japan outside of these times (Christmas, New Year, Golden Week i.e. 30 April through the first week in May and the summer holiday period of July to August). When researching air travel prices in newspapers, online or through your travel agents, ask about special offers. Special deals are often listed in a special section of the website or need to be asked about at your agent. If you live in an area that is home to a Japanese community, try to locate a Japanese travel agency in the area. These agencies often offer specially discounted travel packages and the lowest prices on air travel to Japan. Mileage programmes are offered by many airlines around the world. These frequent flyer programmes offer great deals on air travel, dependent on how often you fly. Ideally your travel benefits won’t expire if you don’t use them immediately and many airlines allow points to be allocated to family members. Some airlines allow free miles to be used on partner airlines.

Your travel plans

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