Adventures Of The Mind – The Mental Descent


Adventures of the mind - The mental descent Adventures of the mind – a  mental dive –

In my previous article I talked about the challenging mental roads, which lead us to the highest peaks. Reaching these peaks makes us feel great, because we completed a challenge. On the top we are rewarded with the clear views of vision, success and understanding. The road ahead is the road to the top. However, when we travel there is another path that we will have to take.

That path often provides an unclear view. It is the road with the shadows. The one that shows us what we left behind. The previous road led us to the mountaintops .
This one will lead us through dark and old forests, or large and deep oceans. It is another, different challenge that we have to deal with.

An ocean full of mental creatures 

While travelling, we sometimes plunge into deep mental oceans full of interesting creatures. They have familiar yet uncomfortable names like homesickness, love, freedom and regret. We where once connected with these creatures, before they decided to dive deeper into the depths of our minds. They got out of reach, and we did not have the capacity or courage to pull them back to the surface.

The mental creatures carry along memories of a long since forgotten past. Memories which, like their carriers, have sunken to the depths of our mind. Now that we are descending, we are able to catch them again. The deepest part of our mind is a magical world. One from which we can not easily escape, once we dive into it.

No clear direction

Will we stay in these depths forever, swimming around without a clear direction? On the top of the mountain we had a choice. We could see our next goal on the horizon, and we could only take the path down to get there. But here, in this dark and deep ocean, we can’t see clear. We can go in any direction, without knowing which is the right one.

What are we going to do with the creatures that we are chasing? Do we let freedom run wild, embrace home-sickness or call for forgiveness? We can let them escape again, but then they might flee to even deeper parts of our brain. Maybe it is better if we hold on to the creatures, so that we can study them. Only then will we be able to fully understand what they are.

Nasty creatures 

However, maybe these creatures are supposed to be free, so that they can choose their own course in the inner pool of our thoughts. Sometimes it is a relief to to let them go. The nasty ones bite, scratch and crawl. But then again, maybe those are the ones that we have to treasure the most. They make us feel uncomfortable, but we need that feeling in order to grow mentally.

Which mental creatures are you chasing or discovering in the depths of your brain? Do you know what to do with them once they are captured? Are you on an ascending path, or are you in the process of descending to the deepest and unknown parts of your brain? What is your view on these adventures of the mind?

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