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Tokyo is one of the worlds most vibrant and exciting cities. Offering an unrivalled cultural experience. Increasingly western tourists are choosing to travel to the far east, not only to experience the indescribable natural beauty of the place but to immerse themselves in the bustling day to day life of the Japanese. Often the most difficult aspect of organising a holiday to a destination as different as Tokyo is understanding what accommodation is available. Here is a easily digestible guide to some of the potential options you have when booking somewhere to stay when visiting the beautiful city of Tokyo.

A Great Selection

However the excellent service and incredible views that come as standard in these hotels is, for some, well worth the money. For the more budget conscious traveller there is a range of inexpensive places to stay. Tokyo boasts a number of simple but well equipped hostels that are positioned in the centre of the city for those wishing to be in the middle of it all. There are also a number of smaller hotels and hostels on the cities outskirts and excellent transport links via both the subway and bus to make sure you can get involved with everything Tokyo has to offer.

Have you visited Tokyo? What’s your favourite accommodation in Tokyo? We’d love to hear from you.

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