5 ways to protect yourself from dog attacks

5 ways to get rid of dogs.5 ways to get rid of dogs

As a frequent traveler you eventually find stray dogs and watch dogs on your path. There is no way to avoid them. They can act aggressive when you are jogging, cycling or walking. Encounters with aggressive animals can be very stressful and scary. They can be vicious, and they can carry dangerous deceases. Be prepared on dangerous encounters. If necessary you can try the following methods to safe yourself.

1. Ultrasonic noise

This is one of my favorite methods for protection against dog attacks. Ultrasonic dog stop devices will produce an ultrasonic sound, which will scare your attackers away. This device is especially useful if you are surrounded by many dogs. You can get rid of them all at once, and you do not have to hurt them to get away. People will not hear the ultrasonic sound.

2. Food

If you know you will visit a place where dogs are roaming around, you can prepare yourself by having some (dog) food in your jacket. These animals seem to love foods like yogurt and meet. Distracted them by trowing the food on the ground and try to sneak away in the other direction, if they go for the distraction.

3. Spraying

Only use this method when the dogs are at the point of attacking, and you really have no other choice to defend yourself. Use any spray you might have in your bag ( hairspray, deodorant, pepper spray etc.) and spray toward the eyes. The pain and strong smell can distract the attacker, so that you have some time to escape.

4. Sticks and stones

It might be useful to carry a stick if you go out for a long walk. This stick can support you while walking but it can also defend you from aggressive attackers. Swing the stick towards them when they approach you. Shout at them while you swing the stick. This might scare them off. You can also put some stones in your pockets, which you can trow at them.

5. Run for your life

If you can not think of anything else to do then you can always try to make a run for it. Make sure you run towards an obstacle for the dogs. Otherwise they might outrun you. Try to run towards a high object like a car or a tree, or run towards some traffic. The noise and the movement can cause a distraction.

Did you ever had an encounter with vicious animals? What kind of method did you use to get rid of them? 


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2 thoughts on “5 ways to protect yourself from dog attacks

  1. Dogs terrify me to death! 😀 I especially hate it if they follow me… and I don’t know when I’ll be attacked! I loved these tips, very helpful. I had no idea there’s something like ultrasonic voice… Have to see where I can get some on to my phone…. 🙂

    1. Yeah they follow me and scare me to sometimes. Especially if they start growling behind my back. I am glad that my tips are helpful for you. I checked some apps for the phone. Maybe thiese apps are useful:

      http://goo.gl/KtD61U (android)
      Or for Iphone: http://goo.gl/RO1eOi

      They also seem to work against insects 😉

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