5 Reasons Why You Should Travel


Beaches and mountain views are reasons why you should travelThere are many reasons why you should travel

People often ask me why I want to travel to far away destinations. Some tell me that I am crazy when I talk about my travel plans. I pity those people because they miss out on some important learning aspects of life. They do not have the courage to embark on their own journey. A journey which can provide them with much more rewarding life experiences then a “safe” 9 to 5 life back home.

They will often stick to narrow minded believes about the world and follow media influenced opinions. They have forgotten how fun it was to be a child. To explore and have adventures. But you are here on this blog so I figure you know better. Make that journey, and if you are not convinced yet. Here are five reasons why you should travel.

1. Get out of your comfort zone

I talked about it before on my blog. Getting out of your comfort zone is really important if you want to live a great life. Going on a trip can be a huge comfort challenge. Especially if you travel to a far away country with an unfamiliar culture. At first you might be nervous, scared or skeptical, but the reward will be amazing.

2. Get to know yourself better

Travelling will confront you with aspects of yourself that you never knew before. You might experience difficult situations, and often you can not solve them like you would back home. Your real character will be exposed. Do you have what it takes? Living at home might be more easy because you understand that environment. However, the real test of your personality comes in an unknown place, with unknown situations, customs and people.

3. Normal does not exist

Wander off to far away places and you will quickly discover that normal does not exist. What is considered normal in your country can be seen as completely ridiculous in another. And what people in that country consider normal can be completely ridiculous in yours. Realizing that there is no norm for normal can be a huge relieve. Finally you can stop taking the world serious.

4. Be a child again

One of the most beautiful aspects of traveling is that you can be a child again. A child looks amazed at the world because so much of what it sees is new. The live of a child is a magic adventure. As a grownup, in a new country full of strange surroundings, traditions and people, you might experience again how it feels to be a child.

5. A social boost

Back home your social world can be small. You have your family, your friends and your colleagues. Not much new people will enter the scene when you live a 9 to 5 life. How different is that when you travel. Hang out with other travelers at your hostel, meet people on the road, get in contact with locals. You might even end up with friends from all over the world. How cool is that.

Why do you like to travel and what is your favorite destination? Did you experience some of the described benefits? How did those experiences change you? 

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2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Travel

  1. great points! thoughtful stuff! thanks for sharing. You really do discover so much about yourself when you’re discovering other countries!

    1. Thanks Andrew. Yeah, I love that aspect about traveling. It is not only about discovering new destinations but also about the journey within yourself.

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