5 Reasons Why You Should Escape To The Countryside


5 reasons why you should escape to the countryside5 reasons why you should travel to the countryside

For me traveling is all about freedom. The freedom to go wherever I want and with as little possessions possible. As a permanent traveler I am always searching for ways to gain more freedom. Recently I have come to believe that a stay in the country will provide me with more freedom. I will give you 5 reasons why you will have more freedom in the countryside.

1. Consumerism

Big cities scream consumerism. Billboards, screens, shops. They are all try to sell you something. However I believe that you do not need most of the advertised products. Better to be influenced by the beauty of nature then by the next commercial for washing powder, which screams at you that you can not live without it.

2. There is always more

In a big city everything is available at any time of the day. Although this certainly can be beneficial, it also causes stress. 24/7 availability means that you always have the opportunity to go out to buy something or to be entertained. You do not learn to be satisfied because there is always that option to purchase more products or have more entertaining experiences.

3. We know what is best for you

Big cities do not only push the consumer ideal through your throat. They are also playgrounds for politicians. Politicians who make great efforts to win peoples hearts, and of course they always now what is best for you. They will take every opportunity to bother you with pushy marketing campaigns and endless pragmatism. Sometimes politicians are useful but more often you just want to escape from them.

4. Busyness

Life never calms down in a city. Traffic jams, rush hours, crying ambulances, screaming video screens. It can be an overwhelming experience to stay in an urban environment. One that will easily make you tired. You do not have much opportunities to enjoy a quiet and serene moment. A moment where you can sit down and watch at the stars or stare at a beautiful sunset, while the day calms down.
Rush hour in Bangkok

5. Safety and crime

Sometimes your perception of freedom can be negatively influenced because you feel unsafe, anxious or even scared. Crime rates are higher in large cities. There are many people living in cities, so there will be less social control. People don’t know each other so they often fear others. This results in less friendliness and care for each other. Living in small countryside communities, where people know and help each other, provides a feeling of companionship and security.

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