3 horrible things that could happen to your checked baggage

airplanes on airportYou arrive with your bag at the airport. The nice lady at the check-in counter takes it from you. Then it will be transported to the airplane, safely and well cared for.. you think.. Depending on certain conditions you bag could be in for a tough ride. As a former airport employee, dealing with luggage, I have seen transport going horribly wrong. Here is some advice on how to to prepare your baggage before flying.

1. Why you should always seal your checked baggage

I smell something awful when I open the luggage compartment. it does not take long till I find out why. The compartment contains a travel kennel with a sad puppy face dog. The poor little thing needed to poo during the flight. In an effort to keep its kennel clean it had pushed his doggy ass to the bars of the kennel, and had splattered a good amount of soft poop on the surrounding luggage

I remove some bags and carefully push the kennel on the transport belt, which is connected to the luggage compartment. Then I try to warn my colleague, who is standing on the other side of the transport belt. He does not seem to get my message. I watch with horror how he grabs the poop smeared kennel and shoves it between the other luggage on the baggage car.

You think doggy poo is the only thing that could ruin your bag and your mood ? There are more problems to be considered. The luggage will be exposed to outside conditions like rain, and dirt, when it is transported to the airplane. Travelling with a sealed bag or suitcase prevents you from ending up with a dirty or water soaked bag.dog in kennel

2. Why you always have to buy a high quality suitcase or bag

The bag exits the luggage compartment via the transport belt. I pick it up when it reaches the end of the belt. As I grab the bag I hear a loud ripping sound. A second later the bottom cracks open and panties, shirts, socks and papers fly trough the air.

It is not cool to see your panties flying around the airplane is it? I am amazed about what people consider a decent bag or suitcase. They bind them together with cheap tape and ropes, while stuff is popping out on all places. It is interesting to think that people pack those bags and expect to see there stuff back. Invest in a good bag or suitcase and safe yourself a lot of trouble.

3. Why you should always pack carefully

Is it a smart idea to put a bottle of liquor in your luggage? Most likely not. Your expensive whiskey bottle will get shaken and stirred. I often heard a crunching glass sound when a bag was dropped down. In my mind I would already see the horror on the face of the person opening that bag. When the bottle breaks during the flight it will ruin other bags as well.

Do you often put whiskey or wine bottles in your checked luggage? Then for sure you will not be in a good mood when you open up you bag, and find out that a broken bottle of red wine has made an alcoholic bloodbath on your belongings. Don’t stuff it in your luggage bag. The bag will not be treated as some delicate little thing.

Fly prepared 

Now you have some insides in what could happen to your checked baggage. Always make sure you seal your belongings. Sealing provides you with many benefits. Your luggage will not get dirty or wet, and it prevents thieves from steeling your stuff. Travel with a decent bag or suitcase or you might end up loosing luggage. Consider other travelers and do not put things in your bag that could ruin their luggage.

What is the worst thing that ever happened to your luggage during transportation?

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