4 reasons why you should visit Thailand


4 reasons why you should visit Thailand. For example to see palm trees.Why Thailand is a great travel destination

Recently the TV channels show a lot of negative news about the Thailand protests. However, I still recommend that you visit this wonderful travel destination. I would like to ignore the Thailand protest situation in this article, and focus on positive aspects instead. Hopefully i motivate you to visit this country. Tourists are a big source of income for the Thai. It would be a shame if we stay away while we don’t have to.

The land of the smiles has its flaws but in general it is a convenient and pleasant travel destination. Especially when you are a first time traveler to (Southeast) Asia. It is a cheap country with many transportation services, friendly people and excellent weather conditions. In this article I give you 4 reasons why Thailand is a great travel destination.

4. The weather

Opinions differ, but personally I think the weather in Thailand is great. Yes it can be hot and sticky but for me it beats rainy and cold weather everyday. Moments when the weather really show its charm are when the warmth temperature is accompanied with a nice sea breeze, or at the evenings when the temperature cools down a few degrees from very hot to very comfortable.

The weather forecast is often the same for the whole week. Sun with a clear blue sky from Monday till Sunday.  Time to set off to a tropical island, get out the hammock, order a cocktail and doze off under the shade of a palm tree. Did anyway mention protests?

 3. Cheap prices

Prices are rising but the country is still a very cheap travel destination. Particularly outside popular tourist destinations like Phuket or Bangkok. Especially cheap are train tickets, medical costs, hotels and the costs for renting an apartment or house. In the countryside you can rent a house with a garden for about 110 US Dollars! Imagine what you can rent when you are able to pay twice that amount.

2. Entertainment

Are you young and do you want to party? Then i really recommend Thailand. Think about crazy full moon beach parties, great nightclubs and charming beach bars. Popular nightlife destinations are for example Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok. If you want to visit the famous full moon party then you can travel to the island Ko Pha Ngan.

1. Friendly people

The People in Thailand are generally friendly. However I have to make a side note that this can best be experienced with locals who do not deal with foreigners and tourists on a daily basis. When you travel outside of the touristic destinations then you can be amazed about the Thai hospitality.

People come to talk with you or offer to help you, and not with an incentive to get your money, but because they are curious and helpful. Show your interest to their culture and they will often open up. Even one simple word in Thai can make them bring up that real friendly Thai smile. It is a wonderful experience.

Did you ever visit Thailand Why do you think that this country is a great travel destination?


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