4 Easy Ways To Get Out Of Bangkok

4 easy ways to get out of Bangkok. For example by airplane.4 easy ways to travel out of Bangkok

So you have explored Bangkok and now you want to get out of the city to discover more of Thailand? Lucky for you it will be easy to pack your bags and leave. Not only does Thailand’s capital city provide many ways of public transportation within the city, it also offers many convenient ways to get out of it. Here are 4 easy ways to get out of Bangkok.

1. By airplane

Do you have a healthy travel budget and do you need to travel long distances within Thailand? Then I recommend to fly to your destination. Domestic flights are not expensive. The airplanes take you in a short time to far away places like like Phuket, Chiang Mai and Udon Thani. Domestic flights usually leave from the smaller airport Don Mueang. Operating airlines are for example Air Asia, Nok Air and Bangkok Airways.

2. By train

You have many options when you want to travel by train. The trains depart from Hualamphong Train Station and go to various destinations in the country. The prices for train tickets differ but in general they are really cheap. Depending on your wishes you can choose from different price classes. For example you pay more if you want a train cabin with air conditioning or a nighttime sleeper train.

Trains operate day and night. Consider travelling at night with a sleeper train when you are going to a far away destination. The time will pass quick when you are able to sleep. However, taking the train at daytime provides you with a nice opportunity to see the country. Make sure to check the type of train before you buy a ticket. Some trains do not have seats, which of course is very inconvenient.

3. By bus

You can take the bus at any hour of the day. Like trains the bus transportation prices and services differ. I recommend paying a little bit more if you travel to a far away destination. Paying a higher price makes the trip more pleasant. Extra services like food, drinks and entertainment in the form of a movie make the trip more convenient.

There are a several bus terminals in Bangkok. Which one you need depends on your required destination. The Eastern Bus Terminal serves passengers who are going to the eastern part of Thailand. The Southern Bus Terminal can be used for destinations in the west or south of Thailand. The Northern Bus Terminal provides buses which are going to the northeast and northern part of the country.

4. By minivan

Minivans transport small groups of people to various destinations in the country. These minibuses depart from various spots around Victory Monument. The ticket prices are cheap. For example you pay 100 baht for a ticket to Pattaya and +/- 70 baht for a ticket to Ayutthaya. The minivans drive from early in the morning till late in the evening. Be aware that the seat space can be limited.

Time to start exploring 

Now you know of 4 easy ways to leave the city. It is time to start exploring Thailand. These transportation services take you in no time to the mountains in Chiang Mai or the beaches of Phuket. What is your favourite mode of transportation to travel outside of Bangkok, and why do you choose that way of transportation?

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  1. We are planning a trip to Thailand this winter and looking at using the bus, maybe train. Nice to know about movies / snacks on the buses. Thanks for the info.

    1. I am glad you like the advice. In the train there will be a lot of vendors who sell food and drinks, but in the bus it is included in the price. I once took a high priced bus from Bangkok to Chang Mai. It was great. I got my own entertainment system with movies, and they brought sandwiches and drinks. Luxury is still relatively cheap in Thailand so I recommend to spoil yourself sometimes, especially on long bus rides. Then, the time will pass by much quicker. Safe travels and have fun in Thailand 🙂

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