5 Things You Can Do In MBK Shopping Center Bangkok


5 things you can do in the MBK shopping center5 things you can do at the MBK Center

Bangkok has many shopping malls. One particularly interesting mall is MBK (Mahboonkrong). It is located in the city center next to the BTS Sky Train Station (National Stadium). This place offers a huge amount of products, which are being sold for more affordable prices then at its luxurious neighbors Siam Paragon and Emporium.

It is an interesting place for tourists. You can buy souvenirs, clothes, phone accessories and many other products. Fill you tummy with one of the available delicious meals, entertain yourself with video games and movies or choose to make your visit a lifelong memory by getting a tattoo in one the many available tattoo shops. This is a list of the top 5 things you can do at this location.

5. Entertainment

You can find many forms of entertainment at MBK. For example there is a Muay Thai fight night every Wednesday. The center also offers an entertainment section at the 7th floor. These entertainment options include a bowling alley, a movie theater and a games section. Enough options to avoid the outside heat for a while.

4. Shoes and clothes

MBK is basically a market like any other in Bangkok. However, the benefit of this market is that you can avoid the heat because you shop inside. It is an excellent location for if you need some extra shoes and clothes. The prices are reasonable and the quality of the products is great. There are many shops, so you can roam around for hours and find your perfect outfit.

3. Mobile phones and accessorizes

You can also go to the MBK shopping center to buy a variety of mobile phones and matching accessorizes. The shops who sell these goods are located at the 4th floor. They sell products like mobile phones, phone covers, SIM cards, headsets and many other accessories. At this floor you will also find a variety of other electronic products like DVD players and MP3 players.

5 things you can do in the MBK Shopping Center

2. Tattoos

Do you want to get a tattoo in Thailand? There are many shady shops which can pinch a permanent painting into your skin. However, if you prefer clean and safe then I recommend that you get your tattoo done at a shop in MBK. There are many tattoo shop located at the 7th floor.

1. The food court

Food lovers should definitely pay a visit to the Fifth Avenue food court. Not exactly cheap but the available meals are very delicious. The food court offers cuisines from various countries like Mexico, India, China, Greece and Italy. All these international meals make it a very convenient place to choose your food. The food court also offers delicious and healthy fruit juices. Absolutely a must go if you are a food lover.

Lets go shopping!

Do you love shopping? Then you should definitely pay a visit the Mahboonkrong shopping mall when you go to Bangkok. Make sure you have enough time available. Roaming around at this shopping Mecca can take some time. You will most likely get a little lost, but that is alright because after every corner you will find a new surprise that can make your shopping hart rise.

Did you go to the Mahboonkrong Center in Bangkok?  What was your reason for visiting this place? Did you do any of the 5 things that I described?

Overview of MBK shopping center

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200 Days Abroad, 50 Lessons Learned


200 days Abroad. Saying goodbye at Schiphol Airport What I have learned during my 200 days abroad

200 days ago, I left my home for an indefinite trip around the world. During my days abroad, I learned many valuable lessons. Some lessons are cliches, some are unique insights, some are live changing thoughts, some are obvious, some are minor thoughts and some are huge insights. But all of these lessons became part of my ever expanding travel encyclopedia. These are 50 lessons I have learned during my ongoing travels.

Bangkok and Thailand 

 1. Bangkok is quickly changing into a commercialized jungle. Huge screens with advertisements are popping up everywhere
 2. The food quality in Thailand is often very bad and unhealthy

 3. The food in Thailand often tastes great, which probably explains why it is so unhealthy..

 4. The Central Plaza Ladprao Shopping Mall in Bangkok has an awesome supermarket with many healthy and organic foods

 5. Vegetarian food is sometimes hard to find in Bangkok

6. Vegetarians should visit Bangkok during the Vegetarian Festival around September and October

 7. Vegetarian Indian food is widely available in Bangkok. It is delicious and often more healthy than Thai food

 8. Bangkok is very expensive compared to the countryside of Thailand

 9. House rental prices in the countryside of Thailand are extremely cheap. Villas are easily affordable

11. Big cities like Bangkok are very unhealthy places to live in

12. Wearing a mouth cap is recommendable in Bangkok because of the pollution problems in this city

13. The best time to visit Bangkok/Thailand is during the short winter period in January/February

14. The Flower Market (Pak Khlong Talat) is the best place to buy Dutch tulips in Bangkok


me wearing a mouth cap.


15. When in Vientiane, the capital city of Laos, visit the banks of the Mekong river

16. Vientiane did not change much since my last visit 3 years ago

17. Beerlao is the best beer in the region

18. People in Lao speak the same language/dialect as Thai people who are living in the Eastern part of Thailand


19.  Many people in Malaysia speak really good English

20. KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) in Malaysia is a very suitable airport to spend the night

21. The Reggae Mansion Hostel in Kuala Lumpur is an excellent and clean hostel

22. Penang is a great travel destination if you like nature and food

Turtle beach in Penang.

General travel lessons 

23. Hot climates make you lazy

24. Twitter is an excellent social media platform to connect with other travelers

25. A healthy traveler is a wealthy traveler

26. Travelling is all about leaving your comfort zone

27. When traveling, have the courage to open doors. Every opened door can provide a life changing opportunity

28. Travel light

29.  Travel slow

30. The service of Singapore Airlines is great

31. The service of Lufthansa is sometimes questionable

32. Frequent flyer cards are very useful when it comes to saving money

33. You have to visit a place before you can form a good opinion about it

32. The news reports often do not give proper views about some places

33. Motivation is fueled by excitement

34. There is no perfect destination. Every place has its flaws

35. The grass is always greener on the other side

36. There is no place like home

37. The life of a permanent traveler is an ongoing adventure, every day

38. Unexpected must see travel recommendations like Columbia, Iran and Georgia

39. Professional travel writers have to defend themselves against distractions but also conquer motivation and inspiration

40. What is crazy on one side of the world is normal on the other side and vice-versa. Normal does not exist

41. People should never detach themselves from nature. Always include nature sights in your travel plans

Mountain view

42. Friendships and encounters are short for long term travelers. Treasure your long term friends and family members back home

43.  A few bad people do not represent a complete country

44. Traveling teaches you to be patient

45. Travelling teaches you to be humble

46. Traveling teaches you to be open minded

47. Learning the local language is extremely important if you stay at a place for a long time

48. Problems are no more than positive challenges which help you improve your life

49. There will always be bad people and problems on your route

50. There will always be good people and positive experiences on your route

200 days abroad. It seems like ages for me already, but really, my quest just started. There are many more places that need to be visited and many more lessons that need to be learned. I hope to continue learning and I will continue sharing my knowledge for another 200 days.

What are the most valuable lessons that you learned during your trip?
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How To Survive A Day In Bangkok With Young Kids


How to survive a day in Bangkok with young kidsHow to survive Bangkok with young children

Recently my little brother (4) and sister (3) came to Bangkok. During their visit, it became clear that Bangkok can be a challenging environment for kids, and also for their parents’ wallets. In this article, I provide some tips on how to survive a day in Bangkok with little kids. Read this article to prevent yourself from unwanted surprises, and to give your family a hassle free time in the capital city of Thailand.

The environment

Consider the conditions your children will be exposed to when you visit Bangkok. The temperature is hot and motorized vehicles cause dangerous situations. Make sure to keep an eye on your kids and use taxis as a way of transportation. Taxis provide many benefits. They do not have to deal with the heat and the various dangerous situations on the street. They will also not get tired from walking long distances.

Taxis are cheap if you use them with many persons. Make sure to know up front which places to avoid and which places to visit. By doing this you will save time and money because you avoid attractions which will only disappoint you as soon as you reach the ticket desk.

Places to avoid

Avoid overpriced tourist scams like Ocean World and Madam Tussaud. Sure it must be cool to see a shark or a waxed version of Michael Jackson but expect to pay a fortune for these privileges. For example adults pay 900 baht (27 dollars) for an entrance ticket to Ocean World and a ticket for kids costs 700 baht (21 dollars). These prices are ridiculously high.

To make matters worse. These are actually the prices for foreigners. Thai people pay a much lower prices. Dual pricing should never be allowed in my humble opinion. They know it is wrong because they hide the Thai price for foreigners. The same double pricing scam is used at Madam Tussaud and other attractions. Avoid these scams! The humiliation and price are not worth it. Little children can easily be satisfied with more affordable activities.

Places to visit

The numerous parks in the city are much more suitable for children, and most likely also for parents. The parks offer many benefits. They are traffic free, so they offer a safe and more healthy environment for children. Parks are tranquil environments which often provide playgrounds. Those playgrounds are free and the kids love them.

You can also choose to go to the Dusit Zoo. This zoo offers more reasonable ticket prices. Do you live in Thailand or stay for a long time? For 2000 baht (61 dollars) you can buy a Zoo Lovers membership card. This card is valid for five years and enables a family member and four other persons to enter many zoos in Thailand.

Troubles and pleasures

Now you know more about the troubles and pleasures of visiting Bangkok with young children This city offers a lot of fun attractions for children but many of them charge a high entrance price. This is especially troublesome if you come with a big family. Try to find refuge in parks and the Dusit Zoo. Your kids will have a great time and you can rest while watching them play.

Did you visit Bangkok with young kids? Was it a fun city trip or did you experience some problems? Do you have other tips for people who come to Bangkok with their children?

Useful links

  • www.tripadvisor.com: Use this link to find out more about Bangkok for young kids. The link will take you to an overview page. There you can read information and reviews about various attractions in the city.
  • www.koratzoo.org: This link will take you to a page that provides your with more information about the different zoo membership options. A membership card can be especially useful if you live in Thailand.
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How To Save Money By Being A Healthy Traveler


Learn how to save money by eating healthy food.Learn how to save money by living healthy

As a traveler you probably maintain a budget. In order to keep this budget healthy you have to make sure that you stay healthy yourself. Unexpected high medical bills could really ruin a trip. Try to prevent these bills by taking good care of your body. These tips will teach you how to save money by being a healthy traveler.


You burn a lot of energy when you are digesting food. Try to fast frequently, preferably once a week. When you fast your body does not have to spend energy on digesting. Instead it can use that energy on unfinished maintenance work. Give your body that opportunity. I plan my fasting days on the moon calendar. The moon can help to cleanse the body, especially during certain moon phases like full moon or half moon.

When you fast, you will not only boost your health but you will also save money, because you do not have to spend it on food. I recommend you choose an easy day, at which you do not have to do much physical or stressful activities, like work, relocating, sightseeing or meeting people. Choose a day at which you can stay at home and relax.

Avoid unnecessary junk food

Society has made us consuming slaves. We constantly buy and eat foods which we do not really need. You want to be in it for the long run? Then keep away from the chocolates, the cookies, the chips and all those other unnecessary junk foods. You do not really need those products and you will save money when you are not buying them.

Eat and drink in moderation

Besides fasting I also believe a person should eat and drink in moderation. Eat moderate meals and stop before you feel completely full. Do not eat keep eating all day long but eat at regular scheduled times. Only eat a few times a day, and stop eating at least four hours before you go to bed. This will allow your body to digest the food while you are still awake.

Digesting food during your sleep seems to be very unhealthy. Your body is burning energy because it needs to digest the food, but actually it needs to rest. This can make you feel tired even though you had a long sleep, By eating in moderation you also save a lot of money. Eat three meals a day with in between 3 small healthy snacks, like apples, nuts and seeds.

Treat your body like a temple

It is very important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle when you are going to travel for a long time. Take good care of your body. Brush and stoke your teeth carefully, eat and drink healthy products and exercise regularly. Also make sure that you protect yourself against tropical diseases if you go to tropical countries.

A high dentist or hospital bill could unexpectedly take a big chunk out of your travel budget. Try to prevent problems instead of resolving them. Medical care might be the biggest unexpected cost that you encounter on you travels. Therefore it is very important that you treat your body as a temple.

These thoughts are my own

My health tips are not only for travelers but also for people who just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle back home. These described health tips are my own thoughts and opinions, based on my own experiences. It could be that they benefit you but it could also not be. Take my tips as a starting point and then seek contact with health professionals. They can help you create personal eating, fasting and exercise methods.

Do you treat your body like a temple? How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle and budget? 

Useful links

  • www.moonconnection.com: On this site you find more information about the moon. A particiulair section describes the moon diet. In this section you learn more about fasting in combination with certain moon phases, and the cleansing effect this can have on the body.
  • why-not-treat-your-body-like-temple: There are many ways how you can treat your body like a temple. Blogger Shannon Ables describes a few methods in her post on which I agree.
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4 Easy Ways To Get Out Of Bangkok

4 easy ways to get out of Bangkok. For example by airplane.4 easy ways to travel out of Bangkok

So you have explored Bangkok and now you want to get out of the city to discover more of Thailand? Lucky for you it will be easy to pack your bags and leave. Not only does Thailand’s capital city provide many ways of public transportation within the city, it also offers many convenient ways to get out of it. Here are 4 easy ways to get out of Bangkok.

1. By airplane

Do you have a healthy travel budget and do you need to travel long distances within Thailand? Then I recommend to fly to your destination. Domestic flights are not expensive. The airplanes take you in a short time to far away places like like Phuket, Chiang Mai and Udon Thani. Domestic flights usually leave from the smaller airport Don Mueang. Operating airlines are for example Air Asia, Nok Air and Bangkok Airways.

2. By train

You have many options when you want to travel by train. The trains depart from Hualamphong Train Station and go to various destinations in the country. The prices for train tickets differ but in general they are really cheap. Depending on your wishes you can choose from different price classes. For example you pay more if you want a train cabin with air conditioning or a nighttime sleeper train.

Trains operate day and night. Consider travelling at night with a sleeper train when you are going to a far away destination. The time will pass quick when you are able to sleep. However, taking the train at daytime provides you with a nice opportunity to see the country. Make sure to check the type of train before you buy a ticket. Some trains do not have seats, which of course is very inconvenient.

3. By bus

You can take the bus at any hour of the day. Like trains the bus transportation prices and services differ. I recommend paying a little bit more if you travel to a far away destination. Paying a higher price makes the trip more pleasant. Extra services like food, drinks and entertainment in the form of a movie make the trip more convenient.

There are a several bus terminals in Bangkok. Which one you need depends on your required destination. The Eastern Bus Terminal serves passengers who are going to the eastern part of Thailand. The Southern Bus Terminal can be used for destinations in the west or south of Thailand. The Northern Bus Terminal provides buses which are going to the northeast and northern part of the country.

4. By minivan

Minivans transport small groups of people to various destinations in the country. These minibuses depart from various spots around Victory Monument. The ticket prices are cheap. For example you pay 100 baht for a ticket to Pattaya and +/- 70 baht for a ticket to Ayutthaya. The minivans drive from early in the morning till late in the evening. Be aware that the seat space can be limited.

Time to start exploring 

Now you know of 4 easy ways to leave the city. It is time to start exploring Thailand. These transportation services take you in no time to the mountains in Chiang Mai or the beaches of Phuket. What is your favourite mode of transportation to travel outside of Bangkok, and why do you choose that way of transportation?

 Useful links

  • www.bangkokrailways.com: This site provides you with all the information you need to know about The Thai railways. Find out more about train tickets, train stations, time tables and many other train related subjects.
  • www.1stopbangkok.com: On this site you find a lot of detailed travel information about Bangkok. In the transportation section you find more information about trains and buses. Very useful are the various time tables, which show you destinations and departure times. You can also read more information about the bus terminals in the city.
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