Bad Writing For Beginners

Bad writing mood.How to succeed with bad writing

I often hear people say that they want to become a writer but don’t know how to start a story. When they sit down to write, nothing comes up. They just stare at a blank sheet or screen for a while and eventually give up, thinking they are not good at writing. However there are solutions to tackle this problem. One important lesson I learned, when becoming a writer, is the power of bad writing.

Bad writing

Often your writing skills are not the main problem in the beginning. The problem is that you don’t want to fail. You want to deliver something good. Now I can’t guarantee your story will be good. Talent does play a role and not everyone can eventually deliver a high quality story. But I am convinced that everyone can write a story. However, it is important that you don’t fear failure.

I can guarantee you that no writer, even if it is Stephen King or Dan Brown will write an perfect story instantly. Writers revise over and over again, and they use proof readers or editors to make their works better. There is no instant perfect story. Get rid of that thought when you want to write. First you have to do bad writing and build a frame, to get the ball rolling.

The sculptor 

Look at other art forms when you want to start bad writing. For example think about the sculptor and his rock. When he starts sculpting he first has this big ugly and rough looking rock. He starts working on cutting the rough pieces. Slowly his rough rock transforms into an elegant sculpture and eventually he can begin to work on the details.

Consider this ugly rock as you first version oft he story. Then you gradually start picking and making little details, and eventually you start seeing results and beauty. It is all about starting, once you have the frame you can ad pieces and start shaving and picking.

Bad writing saves you time

As an aspiring or experienced writer you must be familiar with the feeling of sitting in front of a white paper or a white screen. In your mind you are trying to come up with a story. However, time passes and nothing interesting pops up. If you are an aspiring writer who writes for fun then this is annoying, but for professional writers it might be a bigger problem.

Often the faster you write, the more you can earn. For example If you write for low earning sites like, creating articles fast is essential to make enough money for a living. You can not wast time by trying to form the article in your head. You need to start putting those words out on a screen or paper.

Building a frame 

I wrote a short story to give you guys an example of how bad writing can help you build a frame in a very short period. The time limit for this story was five minutes. I wrote it without thinking and just started rambling, with the sole purpose of building a frame for my future story. I did not make any revisions and did not stop to think about what I wrote.

A short example of bad writing

There once was a man who sat in a tree he was thinking why do i sit in this tree. I should be somewhere else right now, but where should I go. I could go to the river maybe, he thought, or I could go to the beach. But why should I visit a place with water. Maybe its much more nice to go to a place where there are plants and trees. I could go to the park or the forest. Maybe I even find a nice animal or some other people with the same thoughts as me. I can talk with them about trees and plants and beaches or rivers. O gosh the man thought there are the beaches and rivers again. I love water he thought. Then maybe I do should go to some place where there is water and maybe enjoy a nice swim. The man made a decision and started to climb down the tree. Slowly. It took him a long time it was an old tree. An old and big tree with large branches and a marvelous large beard of green leaves. The man often sat in this tree to think about his live and to talk with the birds in the tree. When the tree was in the mood then he also talked to the three. It was an Oak. The man liked to listen to the oak. It was a wise tree with a lot of live experience. It had seen the years come and go and had survived many seasons in its long live. Its roots where deep and its branches where high. The tree was connect to the earth the water and the sky. The man found this very fascinating and often fantasized about how it would be like to be a tree. It would be a good live maybe. Of course he would not know for sure.

Ignore your doubts

When I wrote this story I did not stop for a minute to think that my story did not make sense. That feeling can pop up easily. When building your frame you just have to ignore it and keep writing. Soon you find out how easy it is to come up with a story, when you just start rambling. Remember that having a bad story is already much better then having nothing at all.

Be surprised by your own story

After creating that short bad writing example, I got motivated to start forming it into complete story. Now I am curious to see what will happen next. Let yourself be surprised when writing. Don’t immediately start thinking about what will happen in the rest of the story. Just let it resolve while you are working on it. It will make it easier for you to start a story and you will have more fun.

Some tips

  • Remember to ramble at first when you start writing, worry about details or corrections later.
  • Bad writing can also help you overcome your writers blog.
  • Once you have your frame then gradually start making revisions.


Did you ever try to write something but then failed to come up with something? How did you deal with this problem?

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Benefits Of Travel Writing


Rooftop terrace Penang - my travel writing office.5 reasons why travel writing is awesome

There are many reasons why travel writing is a great job. I listed some of them in this article. If you are an aspiring travel writer then hopefully these benefits will motivate you to achieve your goal, or you might recognize some of them, if you already out there on the road.

1. Being location independent

Being location independent is one of the reasons why travel writing is so great. Over the years I have had many offices. Imagine the difference in feeling when you are sitting behind a desk in a boring cubicle, or you sit in a tropical bar while being surrounded by mountains and a lush green jungle.

Imagine sitting on the beach under a coconut tree. The waves roll quietly against the sand, a gentle sea breeze is playing with your hair, a gradually fading sun paints red and orange colors on the white clouds, its colorful creation reflected on the infinite ocean. Do I have to motivated you more? This is the main reason why I like travel writing. I still need to work but man the view in my office.

2. Being you own boss

There is nobody who is going to tell me what I need to do. I only need to close down my laptop when I want to to quit working, and then I often have to walk just a few steps till I reach my bed. I choose the time and duration of my breaks and I choose when I want to work. If I don’t want to work, then that is fine as well.

Yes sometimes I have deadlines for my articles, but that is only because I took the tasks. I really don’t have to if I don’t want to. I can choose my own work, and therefore I don’t need to do useless or frustrating tasks. I can not get fired and I also don’t have to dress appropriately. I can just work in my green monkey printed pajama while loudly singing Lady Gaga songs.

3. Great experiences

My most important assets are my experiences. The more exiting my travel experiences are, the more likely I will entertain my readers. Therefore I often go out looking for adventures, and because of my willingness to step into something crazy I usually succeed. I get to see beautiful places or meet extraordinary people. All amazing experiences, and it is great that I am able to document all those moments while travel writing.

4. documenting your live

I am able to document large parts of my live because I often write about my own experiences. Visiting my blog often makes me realize how much memorable things I already did, when I see that large number of posts. Of course without documenting I would have memories as well, but on my blog they become more touchable and visible, in great detail and in large numbers.

Reading my own blog makes me feel more satisfied about my live. Time flies and seemingly unimportant experiences can often been forgotten. Being able to document them is satisfying and gives my live more meaning. Time seems to slow down when I pay attention to details. Being able to remember the details, and not only the large chunks, is important for me. It is one of the reasons why I like to write .

5. Uncomplicated

I will not lie. Travel writing can be difficult. But it also has many benefits. I only need are a laptop and internet. I don’t need an office or expensive machines, and therefore I have a limited amount of taxes to do. I don’t like complicated work. However, as a writer, my main task is getting words onto a screen or a paper. It is not rocket science. Not at all.

What do you like about being a travel writer, or why do you want to become one? 


5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Bangkok At Daytime

Traffic jams are one of the 5 reasons why you should avoid Bangkok during daytime.Bangkok has a lot to offer during daytime. However there are enough reasons why you should avoid this city during the day. While living there I always prefer to leave my hole after sunset, or before sunrise. In this article I will explain the main reasons that make Bangkok so unpleasant at daytime.

1. Traffic jams

Bangkok is famous for its traffic jams.Trying to take a taxi is a bad mistake during the rush hours in the morning and early evening. The city is crowded with cars,buses, motorcycles, trucks and tuck tucks, all fighting for a tiny spot, while they slide along the road, as if being in a snail race competition. Of course a lot of traffic is accompanied with health issues, which brings me to the next problem.

2. Air Poluttion

A lot of traffic means a lot of noise and air pollution. The motorized vehicles cough up nasty clouds of exhaust fumes. The factories also join in the party and so do the street cooks, who send large clouds of burned chicken and pork fumes into the sky. A lot of people are wearing protection masks while being outside. Not a bad idea when you stay in Bangkok for a longer period.

I doubt if there are much rules and regulations about things like diesel filters and toxic pollution concentrations. I can inform you with facts and numbers about the exact concentrations, but maybe its better if you don’t know. As a Bangkok expat you might get worried a lot. To make matters worse, pollution is even extra unhealthy when it is combined with heat. Which brings me to the next topic.

3. The heat

Bangkok is often recognized as the hottest city in the world. Is this really true? I could not honestly tell you, as I did not visit all cities in the world yet. However based on my experiences with Bangkok, I can definitely say it is often sticky icky hot in this city.

The problem is the humidity, which, in combination with the sun, makes you boil in your own sweat. The sun will blaze and the humidity will drain your juices away. Other people sweat as well when it is hot, which makes it extra inconvenient when you smooch with them in crowded places. And there are many of those during the daytime.

4. Crowds of people

Crowds of people are the cherry on the pie when it comes to daytime disaster in Bangkok. I recently decided to go to the Grand Palace. A famous destination in Bangkok. I bought sunscreen and went out into the heat. Then I took the sky train which transported me like a sardine in a can. After leaving the sky train I had to take the boat.

My hopes of loosing the crowd vanished when I arrived at the boat. It was also filled to full capacity. It is part of the game of course but it was just not something i enjoyed. Especially because the way back was exactly the same. I don’t like to shower my head in tourist armpits, or belly smooch with them. Situations like this always make me crave for the calm night.

5. Night live

Bangkok is a huge city and there are many things to do during the daytime. However I personally feel this city gets more interesting at night. Visit the sky bars and marvel at the sea of lights. Dance till the early morning in one of the many clubs. Go to the river to see the beautiful light decorated boats and temples or stroll around at the large night markets, without being bothered by the daytime heat.

Bangkok is a busy city and is, in my opinion, much more enjoyable when it calms down. Then it really shows it charm. Besides that, It is much more easy to get around by night because you avoid the traffic. Do you prefer the morning? Then try to join the early birds. A lot of Thai are already active at 5 AM. There is reason why they do this, and now you know why.

Tips to survive Bangkok during the day

So you are an optimistic tourist and you decide to ignore my advice.
Here are some more tips which you can follow, if you go out during the day.

  • Make sure you drink a lot of water. Obvious of course, but many people underestimate how quickly you can overhead and get dehydrated.
  • Use sunscreen. Also obvious but yes many people also underestimate how quick there skin can get fried. The sun in Bangkok is very strong
  • If you don’t mind being packed like a sardine then you can use the many boats or the ever expanding sky train and subway systems, to avoid being stuck in a traffic jam.
  • If you plan on doing some daytime sightseeing then I recommend visiting Bangkok in the relatively cold weeks during December and January. Around that time the temperature is really nice. However, the Thai will think differently and wrap themselves in warm sweaters, even though the temperature is often around a nicely 20 degrees.
  • There are many sightseeing options which are inside. By visiting those places you avoid the heat outside. There is a reason why this city is full of giant shopping malls. They serve as rescue centers for the Thai to escape the heat. Although then you have to deal with the freezing cold of air conditioners.
  • Did you ever go to Bangkok? How was your stay? Did you experienced any of the described problems?

How to Live an Extraordinary Life

Bangkok protest rally stage. There are many ways to get out of your comfort zone. Sometimes you have to compete with fear, embarrassment or laziness. Whatever it is that makes you feel uncomfortable, it will challenge you when you confront it, and when you are challenged your feel stronger emotions. Staying comfortable maybe makes you feel bored, lazy or uninspired, while getting uncomfortable can make you feel exited, trilled or motivated. Now which of those emotions would you prefer?

Is your life boring? Do you lack the energy or motivation to accomplish something? Then challenge yourself to get into uncomfortable situations. Once you have experienced them, and step back in that safe comfort zone, you feel satisfied about what you accomplished. Fear is exchanged for happiness because you confronted your uncomfortable feelings.

What you have to do to become uncomfortable is different for everyone. Sometimes those actions are not scary or challenging. Maybe they are frustrating or annoying, before they become rewarding and exiting. Here are some examples that really changed things for me, when I stepped out of my comfort zone to overcame my discomforts.

Uncomfortable decisions that changed my live

An important challenge for me was to start traveling. At first only for short periods but eventually indefinitely. This was a very uncomfortable and live changing decision. I ditched my job and started working on my uncertain career as a travel writer. I lost my financial comfort and the comfortable feeling of being in my own country. However, it was absolutely worth it. Traveling is an excellent way to step out of your comfort zone.

During my travels I have petted a tiger, driven a motorcycle true Laos, skydived in New Zealand, talked with protesters on a rally stage in Bangkok and belly danced for a tour group in Turkey. All kinds of things that made me very uncomfortable in one way or another. Sometimes I embarrassed myself, sometimes I hurt myself, sometimes I felt totally horrible or even utterly scared and stupid.

But I never regret having experienced those moments, never ever. They made my live more extraordinary and provided me with unforgettable memories. Those memories will keep adding up. When I am old I can lean back and be happy and satisfied because I showed the courage to step outside of my comfort zone, and therefore got rewarded with an exiting live.

What could go wrong?

I often battle with my imagination when I want do something uncomfortable. Then I start thinking about what could go wrong, what people would think of me or what might happen if I fail. But it usually turns out to be completely different and not that bad at all. A lot of times it turned out to be far more exiting and rewarding then I could ever have imagined.

Sometimes getting uncomfortable does not mean jumping out of an airplane or entertaining people on a stage. It also means doing your exercises, even if you feel tired or lazy. It means finishing that article even though you want to watch television or go to bed. It means approaching that person and ask for a date. Think about how those actions can really change your live.

Getting uncomfortable is one of the most important actions I have to take every day. It provides me with motivation because I know the rewarding result. For example as a writer I notice that I am far more exited and motivated to write articles about situations which trilled me. I also enjoy that amazing feeling when I realize I am doing something extraordinary or unusual.

Maybe you feel very uncomfortable at certain moments, but eventually you will be rewarded for your efforts. The people that achieved great things did not get there by staying in their comfort zone. They went that extra mile. They crossed the line. That is what made them great. That is what will make you great.

What was your most rewarding uncomfortable action and how did it change your live?

Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable


Me and tiger.Why you should step outside of you comfort zone

We have been touring around Antalya for hours. The atmosphere in the bus is dull. People look bored and act grumpy. Then we reach this large dining place. Our last stop for today. During the next two hours we eat and, more importantly, we drink Turkish Raki. During the dinner we are entertained by dancers and singers, and the last act of the evening is a Turkish belly dancer.

She comes to the stage and lets her belly move. At a certain point during the act she asks if someone likes to join her. However, that will most likely not going to happen. I have been touring with these people, and I know for certain there is no one going to do that. Shyness and embarrassment vibrate in the room.

It trills me though. I know I can make a difference, if I have the courage to raise my hand. I know it will be hard to overcome my own shyness, but I also know that getting up that stage can change this dull tour and my vacation. This is my chance. I raise my hand, and then push my friend to do the same. Luckily he also shows courage by joining me

The belly dancer takes us to the stage and pulls of our shirts. There I am with my skinny white belly. I block my thoughts and go for it. The three of us manage to pull of a hilarious act. Our once so grumpy tour group, filled with alcohol and sudden excitement, cheers and claps. A day of markets, historic buildings and a Turkish sauna can not provide as much fun as we are giving.

The bus ride back to the hotel shows a big contrast with the previous rides. Everybody is cheering, singing and talking. Various people show us the pictures they took of our spontaneous act. I laugh inside, our white belly’s are probably going to be the highlight of so many vacation pictures.

Get uncomfortable and change your live

Because of stepping out of my comfort zone I created an unforgettable memory during a somewhat dull vacation. By getting up on that stage we changed the night for all those people in the tour group. It was a great feeling and I often think back about that night. Now I push myself to live outside of my comfort zone as much as possible. By doing this I create lasting memories and an exciting live.

You can’t afford to stay in your comfort zone if you want an exiting live. I encourage you to get up on that stage and live your live to the fullest. Realize that by constantly stepping out of your comfort zone you will get more confident, have more courage and change more and more uncomfortable situations into comfortable ones.

Do you often step out of your comfort zone? What kind of memorable moments did you create by taking those steps?