200 Days Abroad, 50 Lessons Learned


200 days Abroad. Saying goodbye at Schiphol Airport What I have learned during my 200 days abroad

200 days ago, I left my home for an indefinite trip around the world. During my days abroad, I learned many valuable lessons. Some lessons are cliches, some are unique insights, some are live changing thoughts, some are obvious, some are minor thoughts and some are huge insights. But all of these lessons became part of my ever expanding travel encyclopedia. These are 50 lessons I have learned during my ongoing travels.

Bangkok and Thailand 

 1. Bangkok is quickly changing into a commercialized jungle. Huge screens with advertisements are popping up everywhere
 2. The food quality in Thailand is often very bad and unhealthy

 3. The food in Thailand often tastes great, which probably explains why it is so unhealthy..

 4. The Central Plaza Ladprao Shopping Mall in Bangkok has an awesome supermarket with many healthy and organic foods

 5. Vegetarian food is sometimes hard to find in Bangkok

6. Vegetarians should visit Bangkok during the Vegetarian Festival around September and October

 7. Vegetarian Indian food is widely available in Bangkok. It is delicious and often more healthy than Thai food

 8. Bangkok is very expensive compared to the countryside of Thailand

 9. House rental prices in the countryside of Thailand are extremely cheap. Villas are easily affordable

11. Big cities like Bangkok are very unhealthy places to live in

12. Wearing a mouth cap is recommendable in Bangkok because of the pollution problems in this city

13. The best time to visit Bangkok/Thailand is during the short winter period in January/February

14. The Flower Market (Pak Khlong Talat) is the best place to buy Dutch tulips in Bangkok


me wearing a mouth cap.


15. When in Vientiane, the capital city of Laos, visit the banks of the Mekong river

16. Vientiane did not change much since my last visit 3 years ago

17. Beerlao is the best beer in the region

18. People in Lao speak the same language/dialect as Thai people who are living in the Eastern part of Thailand


19.  Many people in Malaysia speak really good English

20. KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) in Malaysia is a very suitable airport to spend the night

21. The Reggae Mansion Hostel in Kuala Lumpur is an excellent and clean hostel

22. Penang is a great travel destination if you like nature and food

Turtle beach in Penang.

General travel lessons 

23. Hot climates make you lazy

24. Twitter is an excellent social media platform to connect with other travelers

25. A healthy traveler is a wealthy traveler

26. Travelling is all about leaving your comfort zone

27. When traveling, have the courage to open doors. Every opened door can provide a life changing opportunity

28. Travel light

29.  Travel slow

30. The service of Singapore Airlines is great

31. The service of Lufthansa is sometimes questionable

32. Frequent flyer cards are very useful when it comes to saving money

33. You have to visit a place before you can form a good opinion about it

32. The news reports often do not give proper views about some places

33. Motivation is fueled by excitement

34. There is no perfect destination. Every place has its flaws

35. The grass is always greener on the other side

36. There is no place like home

37. The life of a permanent traveler is an ongoing adventure, every day

38. Unexpected must see travel recommendations like Columbia, Iran and Georgia

39. Professional travel writers have to defend themselves against distractions but also conquer motivation and inspiration

40. What is crazy on one side of the world is normal on the other side and vice-versa. Normal does not exist

41. People should never detach themselves from nature. Always include nature sights in your travel plans

Mountain view

42. Friendships and encounters are short for long term travelers. Treasure your long term friends and family members back home

43.  A few bad people do not represent a complete country

44. Traveling teaches you to be patient

45. Travelling teaches you to be humble

46. Traveling teaches you to be open minded

47. Learning the local language is extremely important if you stay at a place for a long time

48. Problems are no more than positive challenges which help you improve your life

49. There will always be bad people and problems on your route

50. There will always be good people and positive experiences on your route

200 days abroad. It seems like ages for me already, but really, my quest just started. There are many more places that need to be visited and many more lessons that need to be learned. I hope to continue learning and I will continue sharing my knowledge for another 200 days.

What are the most valuable lessons that you learned during your trip?
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2 thoughts on “200 Days Abroad, 50 Lessons Learned

  1. I can confirm BeerLao is the BEST SE Asian beer of all. And there are some good ones. Not a fan of Tiger though. Saigon red label is great! Nice post look forward to following your adventures!

    1. Hi Andrew I am happy to read that you like my post and that you will follow my adventures.

      I never tried Saigon Red Label but I hope to give it a try in the future. Is it available in Thailand?
      I do not drink Tiger so much, but in general I avoid most of the available beers in Thailand. Someone once told me that beers like Chang and Leo are unregulated and therefore the alcohol percentage differs per bottle. Sometimes it is 10% and sometimes only 1%. Sometimes I can drink five bottles of Chang without feeling anything, but I always feel tipsy after two or three bottles of Beerlao. It tastes much stronger and more like a real beer.

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