Kathmandu Photo Gallery – Pictures of Bangkok


Aspects of Bangkok in the Kathmandu Photo Gallery The Kathmandu Photo gallery shows me a familiar yet unknown aspect of Bangkok. Photographer Dale Konstanz shoots photographs inside Bangkok taxis. While viewing his Reflections / Protection exhibition I get to know the drivers. The drivers who brought me to many destination in the city. But today …

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5 Reasons Why You Should Escape To The Countryside


5 reasons why you should travel to the countryside For me traveling is all about freedom. The freedom to go wherever I want and with as little possessions possible. As a permanent traveler I am always searching for ways to gain more freedom. Recently I have come to believe that a stay in the country …

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Thailand Motorcycle – Tears In The Land Of Smiles

All was lost in the jungle

Thailand motorcycle – Drama in paradise I was breathing sand and sweating salt while squeezing the brakes as strong as I could. If I would loose my grip for the smallest of seconds I would most likely slide into the cliff and disappear for ever. Swallowed by large green leaves and digested by the dark …

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Museum Of Siam – Discover The Thai Identity


Thai history in the Museum of Siam While in charge of the canon, I am attacked by a large group of warriors, who approach me from the front. I aim the cannon, load, and I blast away. Three soldiers on the right flank of the group fly through the air. Then the ground starts to …

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Travel Medical Insurance Contracts For Germany

Travel Medical Insurance

Getting a travel medical insurance for Germany Are you planning to visit Germany? Whatever your reasons for traveling to this destination might be, there are some important things that you need to arrange before your trip. Having a proper travel medical insurance is one of those things. Costs for treatments can get really high when …

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